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Handcrafted Salt Dough Designs made to order, each item individually crafted and painted making each unique.


I hand craft every item myself,I hand paint each item and finish each item with at least 4 coats of varnish this process takes anything up to 2 weeks.








The art of salt dough making is an ancient one, dating as far back as Egyptian times. Salt and wheat (flour) were two of the most common foodstuffs available to the Egyptians. Bread was the staple diet of most Egyptians and natron, a natural salt found in Egypt, was commonly used as a food preservative. (It was even used in the mummification process!)


In many past cultures dough modelling was tied up with religious beliefs and ceremonies when sculptures would be offered as gifts to the gods, or presents to people on important occasions. Examples of these would be weddings, christenings, funerals etc. In Europe the craft was much favoured, especially in Germany where the art was used widely in home decoration, especially at festive time


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